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    Brain Game Review stands at the nexus where neuroscience research meets consumer products. With increasing speed, findings from evidence based research on improving cognitive skills are making their way into a wide range of software and online products.

    BrainGameReview.com provides independent information and reviews for the rapidly growing brain game/brain training/cognitive gaming market. Read our Brain Plasticity & Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

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    Cognitive Domain Tests

    Most brain game training sites and products are based on well known neuroscience research tests. Several of the most common tests include:

    • Reaction Time Test
    • Digit Span Test/Reverse Digit Span Test
    • Corsi Block Test/Visuo-Spatial Memory Test
    • Memory Recall Test/Delayed Memory Recall Test
    • Sustained Attention Test
    • Go No-Go Test
    • Stroop Test/Verbal Interference Test
    • Maze Test/Tower of London Test

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