Dakim Brain Fitness Review

    Dakim provides a commercial brain fitness solution targeted towards seniors. Users are gently guided through an engaging series of brain exercises that last about 20 minutes. Most of the Dakim brain games focus on helping seniors maintain language, memory, attention, and executive function skills.

    A growing body of evidence suggests that continual “cognitive enagagement” in older seniors can slow or arrest serious cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    Dakim took an interesting approach with its first product in 2006 by providing an integrated touchscreen system that downloads the latest Dakim game software on a regular basis. This approach is a useful adaptation for older seniors who may not be comfortable using a mouse to interact with a computer application.

    Dakim has now released a more standard software package “Dakim BrainFitness” for both Windows and Mac OS.

    Readers should also consider online brain fitness systems offered by Lumosity and MindSparke.

    Performance Scoring Methodology

    Dakim uses a proprietary metric to track user performance. Note that this metric will not be a useful comparison measure outside of the Dakim environment.

    Scientific Research Validation

    A recent UCLA study using the Dakim BrainFitness program suggests that cognitive training can improve memory in seniors, particularly for those individuals who have long term exposure to the cognitive training program (6 months, more than 90 sessions) as opposed to short-term exposure. This suggests that individuals may benefit most from continuous cognitive training via a computerized program like Dakim BrainFitness.

    Pricing (PC & Mac Versions)

    $249, includes updates for one year.

    Dakim Comments

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