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    Lumosity (sometimes referred to as Luminosity) is a full featured online brain training site with a large number of games that exercise important cognitive skills like memory, processing speed, attention, and problem solving.

    The site is well planned, with sections for “courses” (groups of games for students, peak performance training, medical conditions, etc), and a“Your Trainer” section to help keep your focus on which cognitive skills you are training.

    Lumosity has a new Assessments section, which is a good first step in offering users a baseline, or benchmark, on how their cognitive skills rate when they first begin the program. The assessments are based on well validated neuroscience research tests.

    Lumosity also has an extensive Brain Health Knowledge Center, with sections for cognitive research, a brain reference guide, and brain fitness tips.

    Game Scoring Methodology

    Lumosity has a proprietary Brain Performance Index (BPI) to track user performance. BPI is based on a distribution of actual game scores (13 Million+ games), so you are compared against reliable statistical averages. Users can also compare their BPI against general averages for their age group. Users should also note that Lumosity BPI will not be a useful comparison measure outside of the Lumosity environment.

    Scientific Research Validation

    Lumosity games and tests are being used in several ongoing neuroscience related research programs. The results of these programs will eventually appear as published articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, which is the “gold standard” for research papers.

    Privacy and Security

    Standard website privacy language, with the addition that users’ personal information is removed from aggregate game and training data. It would be nice if Lumosity added SSL encryption for user account and game training sessions.


    Annual plan for less than $100. Discounts offered lifetime plans.

    Readers will also want to consider MindSparke’s Brain Fitness Pro offering, with a tighter focus on improving working memory capacity (important for learning), and faster cognitive processing.

    Lumosity Brain Training Comments

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